We develop content & concepts, products & strategies.

Whatever the platform, we help you come up with better ideas.

What we do

Blue Door is a creative development agency that works with large brands, government organisations and media production companies. We create engaging adult learning around the globe, thought provoking content, and creative workshops.

We help to grow businesses through strategic insight, innovation, and capabilities. On top of this, we manage innovation and insight projects for brand teams, host online workshops all over the world, and generate ideas to develop pitches for TV and online channels.

We are also the founder of The Global Reset, an initiative to accelerate gender equality.

Our approach

We are purpose-led and equality driven, with a strong focus on increasing the representation of women across the board, and we aim to keep this at the heart and centre of every project we take on and deliver.

We are audience centred and research based, meaning the work we do is always developed with the audience’s or consumers’ wants and needs in mind throughout. We also work with well known household brands to use the latest innovation research and tools to fuel creativity, and meet our clients’ needs.

our clients

We work with:

  • agencies
  • brand teams
  • marketing departments
  • Producers & production companies
  • individuals & small businesses


We facilitate global innovation projects using creative tools and specially tailored stimulus, in order to broaden the way people think and introduce new approaches to coming up with ideas.

Our carefully structured sessions enable cross-functional teams to work together to develop innovative new product ideas, and to make inspired, well thought through decisions.

We manage:

  • insights development
  • new product innovation
  • claims development
  • opportunities & strategy
  • developing a creative brief
Tardis Medical Consultancy
  • innovation from insights workshop
  • digital content strategy
Unilever x Workshop Cookbook
  • Global Haircare innovation
  • communication direction for Personal Care


We create considered and exciting, immersive stimuli, to get organisations thinking differently, and bring to life new worlds, inspire creativity, and ignite imaginations.

We use multi-sensory stimuli because we’ve seen that ideas developed whilst stimulating all of the senses are measurably more innovative than those developed from a standard brief. We like to get people responding to workshop materials in as many unexpected ways as possible, to spark authentic discussions and deepen engagement

Along with our team expert researchers and moderators, we are working with an increasing number of organisations to conduct qualitative and quantitative research projects, gathering information on a range of areas of interest, from Sustainability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices, to training programmes.

Core Media International
  • acquisitions strategy
  • applied creativity research
The Innovation Collective
  • global trends research

Content Development

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating education, learning and training practices for businesses and individuals around the globe.

We also offer TV and online production companies a pick-and-mix solution of outsourced development support, from the first glimmer of an idea through to final pitch

Our full development process for non-scripted content includes researching and developing ideas, writing and designing treatments, casting and producing taster tapes, planning and facilitating brainstorms and development days, and attending commissioner pitches.

Pernel Media
  • non-scripted TV development consultancy, treatments, casting, and taster tape production
ITV Studios America
  • TV format consultancy
Film 4 x Sums
  • content strategy workshop

Who We Are

Blue Door is a London based creative development agency founded by Amber D’Albert.

We are a growing, focused team of specialists with a background in creative facilitation, training, innovation and storytelling. On top of our core team, our extended network includes experienced content producers and researchers, facilitators, project managers, creative practitioners and TV development personnel. We strive to work with people and projects that align with our commitment to gender equality and diverse representation.

Although we are based in London, we currently work entirely virtually due to the ever changing global situation. We have adapted our workshops and working practices to allow us flexibility when it comes to working with teams in different locations or timezones, and when collaborating internationally. That being said, we love to travel when circumstances allow!


Blue Door
407 Parkway House,
Sheen Lane,
SW14 8LS
United Kingdom